ity, saying it would be a positive step but insisting the key is implementation. "Certainly, we want to see it (the DPRK) live up to its international obligations. And so if it wa.

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d to use all U.S. influence to encourage reform in the region, pledged support for Tunisia and Egypt in "transition to democracy," and stated his new approach to peacemaking betw.

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is country will reinforce its military presence on the disputed islands. Britain would deploy two Chinook helicopters, upgrade communications at the Royal Air Force base there, and.

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e worldwide to natural disasters, have called for closer international cooperation on disaster emergency management and humanitarian assistance. The sixth annual International Mec.

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ended until 1947. The B.C. government was determined that the formal apology be done properly, and that meant working with all parties, Clark said, adding the province appreciate.

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economy situation as " far from satisfactory" and the stagnation of the labor market as "grave concern." Bernanke reiterated that the Fed "will provide additional accommodation as .

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ntersection of a lot of key American interests. "We see this as a partnership that is very important to the future of American interests in Asia and the world," Rhodes said. WASHI.

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saying "the president is who the president always has been. He's someone trying to solve problems for the American people." Related: Obama says compromise on Bush-tax deal achieve.

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of Encore Fiber Optics. It is believed he killed his ex-wife and another person before killing himself. "In a situation like this, there are other people in the building and they .

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